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International Rubber Conference
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On March 28th, the China Council of Rubber Industry Association's third meeting of directors (and executive directors) and the 2018 China Rubber Annual Conference were held at the Shangri-La Hotel, Qingdao. More than a thousand people from the industry attended the conference. The theme of the conference was: “Innovation, Transformation, Challenges, Opportunities”.


The most attractive aspects of this conference

1 Interpretation of national policy authority

It is understood that the meeting invited relevant state ministries and commissions to interpret the policy on the green development of the rubber industry. Among them, the Policy and Regulation Department of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Environmental Planning Institute of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, and the China Academy of Environmental Sciences will conduct comprehensive policy interpretations on the environmental protection policies of the rubber industry, the entry of chemical parks, and the discharge of VOCs. The Department of Energy Conservation and Comprehensive Utilization of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology interprets the development of the waste rubber industry to guide and promote the sustainable development of rubber enterprises.

2 Industry status and trend analysis

In addition to the keynote speech by President Deng Yazhen, Xu Wenying, vice president and secretary general of China Rubber Association, introduced the production of rubber industry in developed countries in 2017 and elaborated on the key work of China's rubber industry in 2018.

3 Global rubber market information summary

At this meeting, the organizers invited a number of rubber industry organizations or associations at home and abroad, as well as investment companies, to analyze the current status of the global rubber raw materials market. Natural Rubber Producing Countries Association (ANRPC), International Synthetic Rubber Producers Association (IISRP), International Rubber Research Organization (IRSG), China Synthetic Rubber Industry Association, and rubber industry associations in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, etc. IHS Markit and others will present many wonderful reports. These reports provide a comprehensive analysis of global rubber raw material supply and demand relationships, price trends and development trends.

4 Seven selected factory tours

The conference provided seven selected factory tours, covering tires, steel cords, rubber compounds and intelligent manufacturing.

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