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The State Council issues documents to support tyre enterprises to build factories abroad
2019-12-06 10:57:22Return

Not long ago, the State Council issued the "Guiding Opinions on Promoting International Capacity and Equipment Manufacturing Cooperation."

Tire World Network learned that this "Guidance Opinion" clearly mentioned that it is necessary to strengthen the development of overseas resources and promote overseas investment in key areas of chemical industry, including the construction of tire production lines abroad.


The state encourages enterprises to give full play to the advantages of domestic technology and production capacity, strengthen resource development and industrial investment in developing countries with large market demand and good resource conditions; focus on meeting the needs of local markets, carry out deep processing of chemical downstream, and extend the industrial chain and construction. The green production base will drive the export of domestic complete sets of equipment.

At present, the global industrial structure is accelerating and the infrastructure construction is in the ascendant. Developing countries have vigorously promoted the process of industrialization and urbanization, providing an important opportunity for promoting enterprises to “go global”.

To this end, the state will increase policy support, through a series of measures such as fiscal and tax support policies, preferential loans, financial support, etc., to help "going out" enterprises, to achieve international capacity and equipment manufacturing cooperation.

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